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This page highlights all the necessary details relating to our digital signatures, communication and records, and disclosures. We sincerely advise that you take some time to go through every detail listed in this document to see how it relates to you getting into an electronic agreement with us before submitting your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on our website.

By disclosing your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to us by submitting your data to any of the online forms on our website simply goes to show that you have gone through this e-consent page and have agreed to give us the consent to access your information. This also proves that you clearly understand all the information being detailed in this e-consent notice.

E-consent can be attributed to all electronic data, disclosures, electronic records, signatures, and documents.


You are submitting a request for Provider to match you with one of our trusted direct payday lenders or lending partners. The third party direct payday lenders will thereby require you to give them your consent to use and accept electronic signatures, records, and disclosures (“E-Consent) to guarantee the success of your loan application and thereby grant you your loan offer. This form briefs you on your rights when receiving electronic disclosures, notices, and information. By clicking on the click and acknowledging our terms, you agree that you received this E-Consent and you assent to conduct transactions using electronic signatures, electronic disclosures, electronic records, and electronic contract documents (“Disclosures”).

Options for Hard Copies or Non-Electronic Records

You may request disclosures and other legal notices to be printed in hard copy by contacting the third-party direct payday lender. The direct lender may provide printed paper copies of the Disclosures to you with or without being charged. The lenders or lending partners will retain all Disclosures as applicable law requires.

Scope of Consent

This E-Consent applies to all online interactions concerning you (the borrower) and the third-party direct payday lender or lending partner and includes communications engaged in on any mobile device, including phones, smart-phones, and tablets. By using this E-Consent, the third-party direct payday lender or lending partner may process your information and converse during all online interactions with you electronically. The direct payday lender may also communicate with you by sending notices, reports, links to the other third-party websites and services electronically that relate to its interactions and transactions. Disclosures may be provided online at our or third-party direct lenders’ websites, and may be provided by electronic mail. By conceding to this e-consent, you acknowledge that the electronical communication method mentioned above is well-thought-out of the same legal value as the communication as recognized through hard copy documentation.

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Agreement to Do Business Electronically

Conducting business electronically entails that the parties involved are able to go through processing with various hardware and software facilities. Thus, same hardware and software capabilities are necessary to do business with the third-party direct payday lenders or lending partners electronically. So prior to you getting started, ensure that you have all the necessary facilities described below.

Hardware and Software Requirements

To get access and retain the Disclosures electronically, you will be required to make use of the following computer hardware and software: A PC (personal computer) or MAC compatible computer or other device that stay connected to the internet, connect to and email account, and an Internet Browser software program that supports at least 128-bit encryption, such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Netscape®, Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox®. You will require PDF file readers such as Adobe® Acrobat Reader X ® or Foxit® etc. to be able to read some documents. You will require a printer or long-term storage device like a computer’s disk drive to be able to retain a copy of the Disclosures for further reference. Note that different transactions may need additional facilities. You are free to send any questions that relate to the hardware and software requirements directly to the third-party lenders.

Withdrawing Consent

In view of the fact that your E-Consent from our connecting service and your information processing by our third-party direct payday lenders or lending partners comes as a one-time transaction, you cannot withdraw it. From the time you are already connected with a third-party direct payday lender or any of our lending partners, you can withdraw your consent from the lender at any moment at no cost by sending the respective request. Withdrawing this E-Consent prior to when you obtain your credit may hinder you from getting credit from the direct payday lender or lending partner. If you wish to withdraw this E-Consent, relate it to the third-party direct lender or lending partner directly. If you want to withdraw this E-Consent, the legal effectiveness, enforceability, and validity of prior electronic Disclosures will not be affected. You can reach out with your payday lender directly to inquire more about the details to this procedure.

Changes to Your Contact Information

You are hereby encouraged to notify your payday direct lender for any change to your information (electronic address, mailing address) as quick as possible to have such information updated. You may make all the necessary changes to such information by logging into the third-party direct lender or lending partner’s website or by sending the lender a well-drafted update via mail.

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Your Ability to Access Disclosures

By submitting your information or clicking the link, you assent to, you attest and agree to our terms. You acknowledge that you can access the Disclosures in the designated formats as described above.


By clicking the link, you admit that you accept the terms. You agree to have gone through this information as it relates to electronic signatures, records, disclosures, and conducting business electronically. You consent to using electronic signatures, taking all Disclosures provided or made available to you in electronic form and to conducting business with the direct payday lender or lending partner electronically. If you refrain from going on, then you neither wish to accept the use of electronic signatures nor to do this transaction electronically. You also agree that your consent to electronic disclosures is needed to get access to services from our third-party lenders or lending partners over the internet.