Marketing Practices

Whether traditional or online, marketing plays a critical role in the growth of any business. This is something that goes way beyond just the promotion of a business’s services or products to customers. The concept of marketing also goes beyond the strategy of “staying in touch” which almost all small businesses tend to leverage on in boosting their growth rate.

Rather, marketing should be more focused on getting better insights on users and customers to help understand their most pressing needs, thus helping to position the business’s goals to best suit that purpose.

It’s good to know that we online payday loan companies have some of the best marketing practices out there; it even gets way better than other traditional lending organizations. That being said, you can confirm that here at InstantPaydayOH, your needs as a customer is our number one (#1) priority, and we have the following marketing practices to show for that:

  • Email marketing
  • Direct phone calls
  • Mobile phone messaging
  • Social media marketing and follow up
  • Post letters

By choosing to sign up on any the few forms on our site, you acknowledge that we have every right to communicate to you via any of the above-listed marketing practices.

Our online forms may request, but is not limited to the following details: your first and last name, email, fax, postal address, etc. These forms can be found in any of the following pages on our site:

  • Contact us
  • Services
  • Blog
  • Loan application

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Users are free to opt-out at any time from our contact list by simply using the unsubscribe option on our site. But you should note that opting out from our contact list will make it quite difficult for us to contact you directly when necessary. You can however choose to opt back in our contact list via any of the online forms in the above-listed pages.

While submitting your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in any registration process on our site, you hereby agree with the above-listed marketing practices, and not limited to our Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

You also come to terms with the provide documents and agree that your registration is only considered as a request to match you with the best possible payday loan direct lender in our network. This also covers your consent for receiving regular marketing materials from InstantPaydayOH, our third-party direct payday loan lenders and other financial service providers, and all our respective third-party marketers.

To properly spread the uniqueness of our business to the world, we may, at certain times prompt you to share our site contents using the few social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Provider may also adopt some viral marketing and content locking practices to give our services and content a better reach and best minister to your every needs.

Both viral marketing and content locking are two uniquely practiced marketing strategies whereby we lock certain informative content on our site, usually on our blog page, and have you complete a certain task such as sharing the content on a few of your social media accounts or subscribing to our email newsletter before you can have access to such content.

We choose to adopt these kinds of practices to help give our business scope a much better reach, and help to positively influence a much larger audience with similar needs.

InstantPaydayOH has every right to grant other third-party sources access to some of your information as explained in our Privacy Policy page. These include, but are not limited to GetResponse, MailChimp, HelloBar, and other of our respective third-party lenders.

You may also get updated on promotional materials from any of our third-party partners as well, and thus, we are in no way to be held responsible for the kind of information being sent out by any of our partners – so it’s always important to check out their specific marketing practices for a much better understanding of how their business operates.

You might also have to contact them directly to get updated on how to opt out from their correspondence.