$500 Payday Loan Online

When you apply for $500 payday loan no credit check offers, you have the option to choose from the many funding packages with limitless customer satisfaction.

Here at InstantPaydayOH will help to connect you directly with the right kind of lender that best suits your lending purpose.

That being said, it’s best to note that when applying for a $500 payday loan online with us, our lenders will never consider your current credit score or rating before they can approve your funding request.

Our $500 payday loan no credit check offers make it very easy for you to get all the funds you need, irrespective of your current financial condition.

Our direct payday lenders are reliable and efficient when offering their payday funding services to customers. But still, it all depends on the payday loan direct lender that you choose to work with.

Online payday loan direct lenders fees and rates vary, and there’s no standard way you’ll know how much your $500 payday loan guaranteed offer would cost you unless you come in one-on-one contact with your lender.

This is why we always advise customers to always check with their $500 payday loan direct lender and their terms before they proceed with accepting their funding offer.

$500 payday loan direct lenders may also vary in terms of their loan terms, but usually, this is most dependent on the current state of your finances.

If a lender sees that the risk involved in giving out a $500 payday loan no credit check offer to you that’d last for a month (30-days), they might just decide to offer you an offer that is to last for just seven (7) days instead. This serves as a way to cover up for the potential risk involved in giving out that payday offer.

$500 payday loan no credit check offers are unsecured, meaning that you will never be requested to provide any form of security or collateral when applying for the loan offer.

But this also reflects in your ability to borrow more funds.

Seeing that there’s no way that a $500 payday loan direct lender can guarantee that they can get their funds back when due, they tend to always look at the current size of your monthly check to see exactly how much you qualify for in payday funding.

This could reduce how much you can actually access in payday funding from a direct lender.

This is why we always advise customers to start from lower in the ladder when applying for a payday loan, and as they build up trust with their respective lenders, try and scale up on their funding package with time.

But still, generally, a 500 dollar payday loan offer might just be your best alternative for funding while your monthly paycheck is still pending.


It gives you the sense of hope; that you always have something to fall back on even when everything seems to be at its worst conditions.


Can I Get a $500 Payday Loan Guaranteed with Bad Credit?

With your bad credit score or rating, you can still get instant access to up to $500 in payday funding from us at InstantPaydayOH.

Many people today are restricted from having the very best of life due to bad financial decisions taken in the past, most of which have gone further to affect their ability to take up credit when necessary.

This should never be the case!

Nobody should ever be caught lacking whenever they need funds to cater for a pending expense or emergency.

Luckily, we at InstantPaydayOH understand where you’re at presently in your finances, and are now here to help.

Our $500 payday loan offers have made this possible by providing a solution that is favorable to both parties – both lender and borrower.

Now a lender can have that inner joy that they are trying to make life easy for their respective customers, and the customers as well can have that 24-hour daily peace of mind, knowing that no matter how complicated an emergency may get, they can always rely on online payday loan direct lenders to come through for them.

Online payday loan direct lenders are also always confident of getting their money back when due, especially when considering the system that backs online payday lending.

Lenders are protected by a customer’s proof of income.

Seeing the high risk involved in online payday lending for a $500 payday loan direct lender, customers as always required to show proof of income that guarantees their ability to pay back on the loan settlement when due.

This is why $500 payday loan no credit check direct lenders will never consider your current credit score or rating before they can approve on your funding request.

They believe that so long as your salary can cover your funding request, then you are good to go as a customer.

Asides a regular monthly paycheck, you can also show the following as proof of income for getting a $500 payday loan:

·        Child support or alimony

·        Dividends or interest

·        Long-term disability

·        Social Security

·        Retirement funds

·        Trust fund

·        Rental property

As discussed earlier, online payday lenders vary based on their respective fees and loan terms.

A lender may choose to offer you funding for a period of seven (7) days, while another lender may choose to offer you the same funding for a much longer term. This just depends on the lender’s ability to access the amount of risk involved in your funding request.

Also, the longer your loan term, the more interest and fees you will accrue on that offer.

But still, the best part about $500 payday loan lending is that the more consistent you are in paying back your loan settlement, the better your relationship with your direct lender will be.

By doing this, you will unlock even more funding offers that might come in handy to you later in the future.

Also, every good borrowing habit doesn’t go unnoticed.

Online payday loan direct lenders tend to report good behaviors in a customer’s ability to pay back a loan settlement when due; this, in turn, helps to improve your current credit score and rating, and open up better funding opportunities for you later in the future.

What is the Eligibility Requirement for a $500 loan from a Direct Lender?

There are so many questions to ask when trying to opt for a $500 payday loan guaranteed offer.

One of these includes trying to know the basic requirements that qualifies you to apply for funding. And also, those that will eventually guarantee that your application request goes through, and at the end, you get all the funds you need disbursed to your account.

The way online payday lending works is that a $500 payday loan no credit check offer can be taken by anyone, so long as they meet the basic minimum eligibility requirements by their respective direct payday lender.

Always know that the lending principles designed to protect you are slightly different based on the state laws. Hence, online payday loan requirements might differ based on your current state of residence.

But still, below are the basic minimum requirements to get a $500 payday loan in the state of Ohio:

1.     Identification

2.     An active bank checking account

3.     Proof of income

4.     Legal age requirement

5.     Valid contact details

These are further broken down thus:

#1: Identification

You must be a citizen of the United States to even qualify for any online payday loan offer. This can be seen in your United States permanent residency or citizenship status.

Thus, you will need to show proof that easily identifies your current status in the country.

A means of identification for a $500 payday loan request could be in the form of your state ID or Divers License.

#2: An Active Bank Checking Account

This is where all your approved funds will finally be disbursed to.

Thus, you must have an active bank checking account with your legal name for your loan to be deposited into. You must be willing to share all the necessary details that relate to your bank as it concerns your funding request.

#3: Proof of Income

As discussed earlier, your monthly paycheck is what ascertains your ability to pay back on loan offer when due by a direct lender. Thus, to be eligible to secure a 500 dollar payday loan, you must have a steady job.

Steady job means a steady income.

You must earn quite a good amount of money, with that, you can afford to pay back your loan settlement when due.

Some lenders also request for your statement of account for the last 3-6months or a direct letter from the HR of your company to clarify your status of employment.

Also, with us at InstantPaydayOH, you don’t need to be employed before you can secure a $500 payday loan online from us.

You can also show the following as proof of income for getting your loan request approved:

·        Child support or alimony

·        Dividends or interest

·        Long-term disability

·        Social Security

·        Retirement funds

·        Trust fund

·        Rental property

#4: Legal Age Requirement

You must have attained a legal age of 18 years and above before you can qualify for payday funding.

This is because this is the age that qualifies you to own a valid means of identification as stated above.

#5: Valid Contact Details

Online payday loan direct lenders will always need an easy way to reach out to you when necessary. Thus, an active valid email address and phone number is a necessary requirement for applying for a $500 payday loan no credit check offer.


We also have some supporting documents that may be required. Like we have stated earlier, these requirements vary from lender to lender.

In some cases though, you may be asked to provide the following:

·        Your residential address

·        Your work phone number

·        Your residential phone number

·        The address of your work place.

By meeting up all the above-listed eligibility requirements, you can be sure of getting your $500 online payday loan offer approved and disbursed to your bank account in no time.

With the very easy online application process, the basic criteria’s, you can be sure of having your loan request approved immediately.

The thought of securing loans through the traditional way freaks a lot of people out. This is because the process is usually considered difficult and tiring.

But here at InstantPaydayOH, our online loan application process is made very easy, from application to approval.

As soon as you submit your application request, you are immediately paired with the most appropriate direct lender that best suits your funding request. So long as you meet their basic requirements as stated above, you can be sure to get all your funds disbursed to your account as soon as that same day.


The most frequently asked questions about $500 payday loan no credit check offers include the following:

·        Where can I get a $500 payday loan offer?

·        Can I get a 500 dollar payday loan?

·        How much would a $500 payday loan cost me?


·        Where can I get a loan till payday?


Where Can I Get a $500 Payday Loan Offer?

InstantPaydayOH is a lending company that offers as much as $500 in payday funding to customers.

Our online application process takes no more than five (5) minutes to complete, after which, you are guaranteed of getting all your requested $500 payday funds in your bank account as soon as that same day.

Can I Get a 500 Dollar Payday Loan Online?


In fact, online payday platforms like InstantPaydayOH has made everything really easy for you.

So long as your device has access to the internet, you can have access to as much funding you need for that day, even at the comfort of your home.

This means that you no more have to go and stand on long boring queues just in the name of applying for a loan.

Upon approval of your 500 dollar payday loan request, you can be sure of getting all your funds disbursed to your account as soon as that same day.

How Much Would a $500 Payday Loan Cost Me?

Online payday loan rates vary based on lenders. But still, this value should fall between 15% to 20% of your principal payday loan amount.

The cost of applying for a $500 payday loan offer is usually conveyed as an annual percentage rate (APR). This is a cumulative sum of all interest rates and fees on that loan offer.

Thus, to calculate the total cost on a $500 payday loan offer, whose loan length is to last for 30 days, and at an interest rate of 15% is thus:

Amount of interest on loan = 15% x 500 = $75

Thus, you are to pay an additional interest of $75 on the loan offer;

Amount of interest/loan amount = 75 ÷ 500 = 0.15;

(Amount of interest/loan amount) x 365 = 54.75;

((Amount of interest/loan amount) x 365) ÷ repayment date = 54.75 ÷ 30 = 1.825

(((Amount of interest/loan amount) x 365) ÷ repayment date) x 100 =182.5%

It’s pretty common to have higher APR costs on a $500 payday loan offer than in other traditional loans offered by banks and other lending institutions. This is usually associated with the high risks involved in this kind of funding.

Where Can I Get a Loan Till Payday?

If you are unable to meet up with your bills before your next payday, you can get a $500 payday loan no credit check offer from us to help with your daily expenses.

We help people get quick cash to help settle any financial need before their next paycheck.

We do this by connecting you with lenders with some of the best interest rates and fees. Our application process is very fast and easy to access.

There are a lot of people who seek financial relief before their next paycheck, so considering taking out a loan from us at InstantPaydayOH might just be the best alternative for you.


That being said, if you are looking for where to get a loan before your next payday, InstantPaydayOH should be your #1 go to place.