Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions certify the formal agreement between InstantPaydayOH (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Ours”) and a user (hereinafter referred to as “You”, “Your”, “Yours”, “Yourself”, “User”, “Users”) of the website (hereinafter referred to as “Provider”, “Site”, “Website”) who continue to make use of the site and its corresponding services as provided by InstantPaydayOH.
The following Terms and Conditions help to regulate the relationship between the above-stated parties when it relates to the use of the Website.
Let it be known that InstantPaydayOH is not a lender or lending organization; neither does it represent any financial organization/entity/body, nor does it originate financial products and services or make credit decisions.
InstantPaydayOH is confined to its operation as a search-and-match service. It stands as a middle party contracting with independent third-party direct payday loan lenders and financial organizations in its network capable of providing credit-related products and services. Thus, We can only connect the website’s users with a network of lenders.
The user must complete an online registration form before access can be granted to the services provided by Provider.
All users of our website are kindly encouraged to read through these Terms and Conditions and understand them adequately, as further use or exploitation of the website would certainly imply that you have read and comprehended these terms and any other documents (if available) regulating the use of our site.
InstantPaydayOH is only available to residents in the United States of America (USA) and those that have attained legal age. Therefore, by using the Website, you confirm to be at least 18 years of age and currently reside in the United States.
However, our services are limited to residents in New York, Arkansas, Vermont, and West Virginia due to specific regulations regarding online instant payday loan in these locations. More states may be included in this category, so it’s always best to keep yourself up-to-date on this Terms and Conditions document.
That being said, we advise that you kindly cease from using InstantPaydayOH.com by exiting our pages if you do not accept all the following Terms and Conditions of our platform.

InstantPaydayOH Services

As clearly stated earlier, InstantPaydayOH is not a direct payday lender and does not make credit decisions (nor is it in any position to do so).
Here at InstantPaydayOH, we connect our users with independent third-party direct payday lenders, who are able and in the position to provide personal loans of up to $5,000 (noting that the available amount of loan depends significantly on the regulations in each state).
Since any credit decision taken by any third party lender in our network is totally out of our control or influence, the authority/decision to approve or decline any loan request made by a user (as well as the amount and terms of the offered loan products) are entirely and exclusively made by each loan provider and would depend in each case upon many factors.
InstantPaydayOH cannot guarantee the approval of your loan request after you are matched with a lending organization. Simply put, We cannot guarantee the approval of your loan request or that you will be offered the desired amount in your loan application.
If you have doubts about any particular loan offer or available online personal lending options, kindly seek professional consultancy and guidance.
Keep in mind that Provider has nothing whatsoever to do with the terms of any particular loan offer or credit product by any of our third-party direct payday loan lenders. Therefore, we should in no way be held liable for the decision(s) taken by third-party lenders in Our network.
Furthermore, Provider cannot provide information as it relates the credit operations of any of our third-party direct payday lenders.
Kindly note that your use of our site implies that you accept these Terms and Conditions and any other governing documents of the Website (if available). You therefore acknowledge and agree that InstantPaydayOH takes no responsibility at all for any financial or non-financial damages, liabilities, or costs associated with your contact/interaction/communication/cooperation with any of the third-party lenders that We match you with. So, we strongly advise that you thoroughly read through and understand this Terms and Conditions before even checking out our site’s services.
To make use of our services, you will be required to fill out a payday loan registration form on our website. This involves you submitting your Personally Identifiable Information (personal, contact, employment, and financial), including but not limited to sensitive data as it relates to your Social Security (SS) number and bank account details.
Such information is needed as we cannot perform our search and match service accurately without it.
The information provided enables us to connect you with one or more of our third-party direct payday lenders. Please note that this procedure requires your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to be shared with third-party lenders in our network.
Our collection, storage, sharing, and use of any information submitteds via the online form strictly adhere to statements as disclosed in our Site’s Privacy Policy and Marketing Practices page.
Any submission of a user’s information implies that the user expressly confirms to have adequately read and understood and consequently willingly agrees to every provision of the policies and practices stated, as well as these Terms and Conditions on this page.
Note that any submission by any user on our Website is directly taken as a request to match such a user with a third party direct payday lender listed among our contract. Thus, this fully authorizes the third-party lenders (to whom we shares your Personally Identifiable Information with) to contact you through email or telephone (or even direct mail and any other media) to provide you with financial products according to your expressed interest.
Furthermore, InstantPaydayOH and its respective direct payday loan lenders who are privileged to access the information you provide can share some of your data, which is considered personal, with third-party marketers for the singular purpose of having more financial products offered according to the interests of our users. However, note that this does not include other sensitive information such as a User’s SS number (Social Security number) and bank/banking details.
A user’s social security (SS) number and other sensitive information shared with our third-party direct payday lenders are used to perform credit verification to determine a ser’s credibility and make decisions on providing financial products and services.
However, as clearly stated earlier, We cannot and will not guarantee approval or provision of users with the financial products according to users’ loan requirements; InstantPaydayOH cannot as well provide information on any credit product or service presented by third-party direct payday lenders in Our network.
We strictly encourage all our Users to contact loan providers they are matched with directly concerning information regarding financial products and services or with regards to any particular transaction at all. This is because We are in no position to act as a consultant or adviser regarding products and services third-party lenders in Our network provide.

Proprietary Rights and Authorized Use

The website shall be used only according to the Terms and Conditions and any other terms that regulate the use/operation of services provided by Provider.
Do well to know that Provider’s content is well-protected with all the necessary copyright, and any representation, use, reproduction of Our content without prior written notice, consent, and permission by InstantPaydayOH is therefore considered unlawful and is strictly prohibited. Any violation whatsoever may lead to legal actions as We deem fit.
Furthermore, any use of content found on our Website for commercial purposes is considered unlawful, and users should abstain from such.
InstantPaydayOH retains the ultimate ownership rights for any content whatsoever found on the Website (including but not limited to texts, pictures, audio files, video files, digital records, logos, trademarks, and any other assets), which is duly protected by copyright and regulated by the Intellectual Property laws in the United States of America (USA).
In addition, users of the Website are not granted ownership of anything present on our website however they may be found present. Note that any reproduction, duplication, copying, resale, or exploitation of any kind, arrangement, organization, or design is illegal; hence, We strictly prohibit such actions.

Warranty Disclaimer

InstantPaydayOH, this Website, and any of the services offered by Us are available “as it is” and based on stated availability. Access and use of any content published on the site are at the risk of the user. We therefore make no warranty or guaranty of any kind with the service or with regards to any product, and aspects of our services. Our content are subject to change without any notice or notification.
We do not guarantee that products/services offered by third-party direct payday loan lenders in our network will meet users’ requirements at any given point in time. InstantpaydayOH therefore does not also guarantee that our services offered will be uninterrupted, free of error, or secure.
Any software, technology, or aid whatsoever used by Us or by any of our third-party direct payday loan lender may come with some errors that will be corrected by the responsible party when possible. This includes third-party software, tools, websites, and any other form of third-party interaction; Provider does not imply any guarantee that any third-party service will be free from error, secure, or meet users’ expectations. Thus, We will, as a result, not be liable in any way at all nor accept any liability resulting from any of such errors.
Website links of third-party direct payday loan lenders and other third parties found on the site are not reviewed or verified by Provider. Thus, users are at their own risk after visiting such third-party links and accepting their products and services. We are therefore not under any warranty whatsoever (except otherwise clearly stated) and also not liable for any loss users may sustain through such interactions and actions.

Third-Party Websites

InstantPaydayOH and pages found on the Website may include links to third-party websites and pieces of information regarding the services they offer. We do not take responsibility for contents contained on third-party websites nor for the accuracy of the provided information. That being said, Provider does not represent or endorse any third-party website.
Users therefore accept whatever every risk that may be involved while accessing third-party websites through our Website No user has the right to hold us liable for the consequences of using referenced third-party via a link on our Website.


Any dispute that may arise from the direct use of our Website or any service presented by Provider is subject to the state legislation provisions originated in the state of Ohio, which authorizes/licenses the service or business activity of InstantPaydayOH.
Legal incorporation should be made of such disputes in the form of an official complaint sent in view of arbitration to the authorized institution/association for the resolution of such cases according to rules and regulations set by the state of Ohio and federal governments currently in force during the time of the dispute submission.
Any and every dispute that arises between Provider and User can only be processed and resolved through arbitration in consideration of the Terms and Conditions set and stated herein.
By using services provided by Us, you thereby imply that you agree with these Terms and Conditions and thus, confirm that you reject the express right to represent yourself as an individual or through legal counsel before any judge or court. Furthermore, you waive the right to join class-action suits against InstantPaydayOH. Maximum compensatory damages, if applicable and assigned by the arbitrator, authorized by the American Arbitration Council to monitor the above-mentioned dispute, cannot exceed the maximum of the total damages the complainant (the user) claims.
In addition, no incidental, punitive, and consequential damages whatsoever can be ruled by the arbitrator on the dispute as every user waives their right to make any claim for these damages. The results of the arbitration are binding as regards the user; however, in lieu of this alternate dispute method, Provider may choose to file an action to any court within the jurisdiction in view of handling such cases.