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Rather, our site content, services, and information are meant to help you get the funds you need to keep you going through whatever emergency.

That being said, let it be known that InstantPaydayOH does not give out financial aid or payday loans directly. We should never be confused with to as short term payday loan direct lenders, brokers or a payday loan lender’s agent. InstantPaydayOH doesn not take credit decisions on behalf of any of our partnering lenders.

Thus, InstantPaydayOH should in no way be referred to as a bank or financial institution, or any organization that is involved in the process of credit-based decision making as it regards getting or collecting on loan payments, or payday lending.

Rather than working as direct payday lenders, InstantPaydayOH partners with trust and reliable third-party lenders to provide financial assistance to our users. We simply stand as a bridge that secures the link between a borrower and a payday direct lender.

InstantPaydayOH is an online platform that helps to connect both lenders and borrowers together, but we have no part to play in the decision-making process of any lender. We do not control payday loan rates and fees included by our various, neither do we compel any customer to contact a lender to help get their payday loan application request approved.

InstantPaydayOH does not collect, store or access any detail that relates to fees and charges placed on a loan offer by any of our many payday loan direct lenders, neither do we promote or rank any lender on our network above another.

We hereby do not assure the approval of your payday loan application request, rather, with the many information practices published on our site consistently increases the possibility of you securing a payday loan offer.

We also do not give preferential treatment of any borrower’s payday loan request over other borrowers. All payday loan application requests submitted on our site via our online application form are treated accordingly.

Similarly, just as there are no perfectly designed systems, at no point do we guarantee that all your payday loan application requests will be successfully matched with a lender that will provide you with the exact amount of money that you are currently looking to borrow.

Our third-party payday direct lenders offer a variety of funding offers (usually between $100 to $1,000) to mainly residents in the states of Ohio, and other neighboring states in the United States of America.

We are not to be held responsible for how you make use of whatever information you find on our website. Hence, any action that any user takes upon the information provided on our site is strictly at his or her own risk. InstantPaydayOH should not be held liable for any losses and/or damages as it regards the use of our site.

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Most of our site’s content may include links to other external websites, and while we make all possible moves to ensure whatever link published on the site is referenced to only useful and ethical external sites, InstantPaydayOH has no control over the kind of content published on those other sites, and the nature of the sites in general.

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An external site owner or provider’s content might change without notice and may happen prior to the time which we would have the opportunity to remove such a link that may have gone ‘bad’.

InstantPaydayOH also does not have any part to play in controlling a payday loan direct lender’s choice to conduct a credit check on any submitted loan request on our website.

Credit checks may be conducted only from a lender’s own jurisdiction. These credit checks may be conducted via, but are not limited to the below three major credit bureaus:

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • TransUnion

By submitting a payday loan application request on our website, you hereby agree to the terms that a lender has every right to check how credit worthy you are, as it relates to your current payday loan application request, and all other corresponding personal details.

You also agree to fact that a lender has every right to conduct all the necessary verification processes that include, but are not limited to the verification of your social security number, place of residence, national identity, and all other identification documents that was provided as requested by the lender in your loan application request.

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